Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Teaching, is the true key to success.

When you study for your masters degree, part of your requirement to graduate is to teach.  When studying kung-fu one must teach in order to achieve the level of black sash. The same process is in life and business. Any amount of success worth having can only be achieved when you take the knowledge you have learned and teach someone else. It is a natural progression of things in life that we usually see with parents and children. Although it can also be seen between siblings and friends. The point is to have success in anything you must be available to teach others and this blog will give you a few guild lines to follow to develop the teacher in you.

One of the most notable ways to become a teacher, other than the conventional way, is to mentor a teen or young adult. There are many programs you can join in order to do this. Other common ways are through your church or social club. The important thing is to develop good teaching habits and convey your subject clearly so your "students" can learn. First, be sure to know your subject matter thoroughly. This may require you to brush up on your material but you should be doing that anyway to stay ahead of the curve. In the quest to create our own position  a person must be dedicated to improving their skills on a daily basis. Second, you need to categorize your abilities into groups and write them down. Writing thoughts and ideas down will make them stand out in your mind. If you have a different method that does that for you, by all mean, do whatever makes you focus best. Just understand that this is a commitment to yourself and you are in charge of keeping that commitment and no one else. Diversification is also very important because the more you have to teach your student the more successful you will become as a result. Third, you need to engage with your network and help those who may need it and accept help when you need it. Now, this is not just a simple... "whoever needs help look at me!" method of engagement. What is is meant by that is, you have to care about people's needs in order to be an effective teacher. So, as you engage with people, note who has a need in your area of expertise and only offer information to those people first. Then as you help them, you will find others asking for your help instead of you offering it. Finally, you want to gain credibility. This is the tricky part to the process. Not everyone will rush to your side to learn from you so you need to let people know what and how you can teach. This will take time and effort. Often, conversations with people at social mixers and business seminars can generate a buzz about your knowledge that open the door to teach what you know. A great book to read about communication that can help is, "Fierce Conversations" by Susan Scott.

For far to long the school systems have left many unsatisfied with the education given. It is a responsibility as to invest in education and offer education to others who need it. It's the old fashion "give back to the community" ideology that is the is the untold secret to success. Please remember to follow this blog at the upper left side of the page and feel free to comment below. If there is a topic you wish me to address feel free to email

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