Sunday, January 16, 2011

There's Data in Them Hills!

It takes a while for most people to gain the right amount of exposure on the internet. The trouble that a lot of analysts have run into is, there is not a real measuring stick that can judge your progress short of some insight graphs and number of "friends" or subscriptions you have. The truth is that you may be getting a large amount of traffic to your website or blog and never truly see a benefit in the real world. That is why it is important to not let your content stand alone. What I mean by that is create a link from one piece of content to another. Guiding those who click on your video or blog through a maze of information that you choose to display. I call it building off ramps on the information superhighway.

I will cover this in more detail in my book but for now I want you to imagine your website as an on-ramp to the highway and your video is a rest stop. At a traditional rest stop you would offer a bathroom and maybe a vending machine. You could include some scenery and maybe even a place to have a picnic. The same is true for your video content on your website. Offer your viewer something other than one thing and offer it in a way that is inviting and pleasant. Then your measurement for success is how long the people spent at your rest stop? How many people used the bathroom? Did they buy candy? Did they take pictures of your scenery? Now you have an better idea of what your customer or client is looking for from you and you are able to offer better products and services in the process. You also want to be honest and genuine. As corny as it sounds it's all about caring and sharing in this new world of marketing. If you do not really care about the viewer they will not care about your product or service.

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  1. Good advice. As a "user" of a website, I love when a website surprises me and offers me more than I expected, as well as what I came for in the first place.