Monday, April 15, 2013

The Key to Creating Your Own Position is Prosperity Consciousness

One of the most difficult things many people face is to trust that all is well and you will be rewarded for your hard work. The Create your Own Position philosophy follows the laws of prosperity. These laws are governed by the universe and have been proven without a doubt. The simple belief that you reap what you sow. If you "plant" negative "seed" in you mind then you will "harvest" a negative "crop". Our lives are dictated by the thoughts we have and the actions we take. In order to create a better life we must accept that it is our own doing that will make it so. It is a matter of thinking and acting better. Incorporate the term prosperity in your daily life and develop a prosperity consciousness. This prosperity consciousness is the key to organizing your thoughts in order to create your own position in life and in the work place. The following is a ten step process you can follow to developing a prosperity consciousness.

  1. 1
    Set aside at least twenty minutes a day to study and visualize your new life.
  2. 2
    Buy a loose leaf binder and label it "Dreams Unlimited." This is where you will workshop the life you are creating for yourself and get clear on what you really want. This will be the place where you write your affirmations, make notes about the process, collect uplifting quotes, make collages of the things you are manifesting, and keep track of the things you accomplish.
  3. 3
    Develop an affirmation for yourself based on what you are attempting to attract into your life. It should be present tense and contain only positive statements. An example would be "I am rich beyond my wildest dreams" or "Life is easy and fun".
  4. 4
    Write out your affirmation at least ten times a day and put it in your notebook. When you are tempted to dwell on the negative, repeat it silently over and over in your head while you take deep breaths.
  5. 5
    Ignore the naysayers, dream killers, and negative people who tell you that it can't be done. If someone else has ever done it before, then you can too.
  6. 6
    Spend a few quiet minutes every day breathing deeply and visualizing your goal as already completed. Picture exactly how you want it to be, but be willing to accept something better. Don't limit yourself.
  7. 7
    Read books on creative visualization, prosperity consciousness, and positive thinking.
  8. 8
    Live "as if." If a circumstance in your life is not how you want it, withdraw your attention from it. Whatever you focus on expands. Live as if all of your dreams are a reality now.
  9. 9
    "Follow your bliss." Experience the joy life offers at every turn if you know how to look for it. Share your love where ever you can. Wear comfortable clothes in colors that you love. Drink a wonderful cup of tea and watch a sunset. Do only that which brings you joy.
  10. 10
    Let it go. Trust that the Universe has heard your request and is doing everything It can to bring it about. Forget about it. Don't worry or fret. Live in the moment and watch how all of your needs are met. When you lose faith, call on your childlike resources and pretend.

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